Apple's Manufacturing Plant In India Is A Go

In January, Wistron Corp, which is one of Apple's manufacturing partners applied for permission to expand its plant in Bengaluru.

The US company has tasked Taiwanese company Wistron to manufacture iPhones at its facility near Bengaluru.

Moreover, recent moves made by the tech mammoth indicate that it is making efforts to position itself as a dominant force in the smartphone industry.

Apple will soon have "Made in India" iPhones, and they will come out of a factory in Bengaluru.

Recently, Apple's representatives led by Priya Balasubramaniam, Vice-President iPhone operations; Ali Khanafer, Head, Government Affairs, Dheeraj Chugh Director, iPhone operations and Priyesh Povanna, Country Counsel met with Kharge for manufacturing and other collaborations.

The release, signed by state IT minister Priyank Kharge, said Apple's intentions to manufacture in Bengaluru "will foster cutting edge technology ecosystem and supply chain development in the state, which are critical for India to compete globally". In reality, Apple accounts for less than two per cent of shipments in India as of now.

Karnataka, which got 13th place in the ease-of-doing-business survey past year, is leaving no stone unturned to make the Apple project a reality both for its snob value, and to silence criticism that Bengaluru is crumbling due to its traffic and infrastructure issues.

Since then there have reports, including from The Indian Express, on how Apple has sought some major concessions before it starts manufacturing in the country.

Apple had reportedly made some moves back to the United States, with server assembly operations in Arizona and reports that Foxconn would be moving at least one factory to the US. Although, no timeline has been finalized yet about it. Production is expected to start in April this year.

Ending months of breathless speculation, the Karnataka government has confirmed that Apple will begin assembling iPhones at a new facility in the southern Indian state. It will bring down the price of iPhones in India. I think in the longer term, it's a great move, and I feel really good about how we're doing there.

Currently, Apple sells its products in India through distributors such as Redington, Ingram Micro, Rashi Peripherals and Bettel.