Freedom of speech should apply to Milo Yiannopoulos, too

"Student groups have the right and ability to invite who they wish", Mogulof said Saturday.

Protesters hurled smoke bombs, broke windows and sparked sparked a massive bonfire Wednesday night, prompting University of California at Berkeley officials to cancel a talk by a polarizing editor of Breitbart News out of safety concerns.

President Donald Trump has threatened to rescind federal funding if the campus infringes on people's right to free speech.

On Thursday, Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks condemned the violence. Berkeley however has been struggling in the past years with budget shortfalls and spending deficits. Despite this funding the institution has had financial problems and considered dismantling its 144-year-old College of Chemistry last year to cut costs.

For instance, the Department of Energy could conceivably seek to relocate the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, which is in the hills above the campus and is managed by the University of California, said Bob Shireman, a former deputy undersecretary for education in the Obama administration. 'The president has made clear that he is not interested in facts and the reasoned arguments based on facts that are the hallmark of modern academic life, ' he adds. I'm confident Trump and his team are watching closely and will act decisively.

UC Berkeley, one of the top public universities in the United States, is the home of the 1960s "Free Speech Movement" that helped launch the era's student protests against the Vietnam War.

University of California President Janet Napolitano told The Chronicle in January that federal funding "is judged on its merits" and can't easily be yanked because a politician demands it.

According to Berkeley's 2014-2015 annual financial report, the most recent posted on its website, the university received $417.3 million in federal grants and contracts, plus an additional $39.4 million in Pell grants for students during 2015. The Berkeley College Republicans, the group that planned his previous speaking event, did not immediately respond to requests for comment by this news organization.

Yiannopoulos is a vocal supporter of President Trump. He suggests that Congress would likely stand their ground. But you shouldn't silence them by saying, 'You can't come because.

The anxiety extends beyond Berkeley.

Terry Hartle, a senior vice president at the American Council of Education, which represents US colleges and universities, says it's possible, but only under "clearly dictated procedures" that relate to "financial fraud or scientific misconduct", not over alleged violations of free speech or violence. 'It is certainly scary because it is a very unpredictable climate right now'.