PS4 Pro 'Boost Mode' Will Enhance Some Older Games

When the option is enabled, games should benefit from improved frame rates, in contrast to the choppier performances of the status quo. Unlike the ordinary version of Assassin's Creed Unity, the game that is running on the PS4 Pro with boost works like butter. "Turn this off if you experience unexpected behaviour during gameplay", reads the description of a screenshot. That's where the new "Boost Mode" system setting comes in, as it makes gaming on the PS4 Pro better for older games without Pro patches. Sony PlayStation's lead hardware architect Mark Cerny has always denied the possibility of improvements on non-PS4 optimized games, but it seems Sony has reconsidered its stance on the matter.

The PlayStation 4 Pro, in its initial launch, was priced $400 and is a hundred bucks more expensive than the standard PS4.

Speaking with Polygon, Sony confirmed the PS4 Pro Boost Mode that was popping up for PS4 Pro owners who were testing the firmware update.

It's also integrated seamlessly, meaning users will be able to use the home screen to access games on their external storage system and not have to manually enter the hard drive itself.

It's been a busy year for Sony, with the launch of both a slimmer version of its Playstation 4 console and its new Playstation VR headset.

The extremely sort after External HDD Support which is compatible with a HDDs up to 8TB. Since every game is its own, special snowflake - and the 4.50 update isn't widely released yet - there's no way of knowing how effective or far-reaching the improvements are.

Here's how the two consoles compare and what reviewers think. At the moment, 30 titles have been upgraded for the Pro's added performance, as well as 4K video streaming through Netflix. Obviously, this optimization will have no effect on games that have already received an optimization patch, and it will be disabled at any time if the player detects a possible problem.