Madonna welcomes adopted Malawi twins in Instagram photo

"Thank you also to my friends, family and my very large team for all your support and love", she concluded.

As well as being a mother to 20-year-old Lourdes and 16-year-old Rocco, Madonna previously adopted two children from Malawi - David Banda in 2006, and Mercy James in 2009. A Malawian government official is expected to travel with the 58-year-old singer to the make sure she is able to provide a suitable home for Stella and Esther. "Three beauties", she captioned the pic.

MADONNA HAS won the provisional right to adopt two more children from Malawi, a court ruling that comes amidst warnings from the uncle of Mercy James, whom Madonna adopted after the death of her mother. They were so happy and Madonna was showing all her motherly instincts.

Madonna has officially confirmed her adoption of 4-year-old twin girls from Malawi!

It's the first time the girls have ever left the country after growing up in an orphanage following their mom's death at childbirth, the Mail reported.

Madonna's latest adoption request points to her deep connection with Malawi, where she is now running various charity programs, including Raising Malawi, a non-profit organization focusing on building schools for poor children.

Mwale noted that the pop star has raised $7.5 million for her latest project in Malawi, the construction of a pediatric surgery ward at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre.

"Madonna is portraying Malawi as having a pool of poor children on the market for adoption", Mhango added.

Editors at Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper report that although Madonna is free to take the children to her home in the US, she will be under observation by court officials for a year before the adoption is rubber stamped, and must submit a home study to Malawian authorities.