Jamie Dornan's new erotic Fifty Shades instalment panned by critics

It also helps that director James Foley took more liberties with his adaptation than his predecessor, Sam Taylor-Johnson. That is when Christian begins to understand that he can no longer hide if he is to have her and explains parts of his past.

Perhaps there's a world where Fifty Shades Darker could be a better movie. (She's easily dispatched, though; would that all intruders were so passive.) Is there really one more movie in all this?

Tednice Williams of East Hartford called the books "juicy, I can't put them down" and said she didn't expect either film to be as juicy as the book.

Meanwhile, a sweaty-looking guy scowls in the shadows - Ana's spurned and evil boss, who has the extremely subtle name of Mr. Hyde - and one of Christian's former "subs" (submissives, not sandwiches) lurks around Ana's apartment looking like a "Twilight" extra.

"Sex isn't a band-aid, and in this movie you only see them having sex instead of communicating". The end-credits scene features a bunch of clips pieced together, including Ana putting her veil on as she prepares to marry Christian.

Even though the cast boasts some strong-minded actresses (Dakota Johnson, Kim Basinger, Rita Ora), critics are tying themselves up in knots over the sexual politics in Fifty Shades Darker. However, their happiness is short-lived as Christian has secrets, and those very secrets could doom the very thing he wants most of all. You just have a more consenting Anastasia, but you could care less about Christian Grey's backstory behind his kinks.

On top of many "toe-curling lines" from Ana including her stating, "I was being romantic and then you just go and distract me with your kinky f***ery", Macnab claims that one of the main problems with the sequel is that it's "an ordeal to watch not because of its gothic eroticism but because of its utter blandness". But Christian is still willing to fight for what they have, and to prove it, he literally gets down on his knees to show that he is capable of submitting to Ana. The time has finally come, because this Friday, 50 Shades Darker finally hits the big screen.

Again, this isn't surprising.

She said: "The story is about this woman who has never had sex before and starts to have sex multiple times a day and doesn't get a yeast or water injection". Viewers were surprised with a juicy scene featured at the end of the credits.