Trump Adviser Miller: New Executive Orders on Illegal Immigration an 'Option'

Then, during an interview with George Stephanopoulos, White House senior policy advisor Stephen Miller was asked to provide evidence that would back up Trump's assertion.

"The president's powers here are beyond question", Mr. Miller told Fox News Sunday.

"Dead people voting, non-citizens being registered to vote ... it is a fact and you will not deny it that are massive numbers of non-citizens in this country who are registered to vote", he said. The staffers voted in New Hampshire, using her address - but that wasn't illegal, the state attorney general concluded, because they had lived in the state for at least three months before the election. He's head of the defense intelligence agency. "And I look forward to having more discussions about this in the future".

"I'm prepared to go on any show, anywhere, any time and repeat it and say the president of the United States is correct, 100 percent", he said. On Fox News, Miller asserted that the travel ban was a "lawful and necessary action" and that "the president's powers here are beyond question".

Meanwhile, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Sunday that Flynn needs to have "candid conversations" with Trump and Pence to "clear up" his talks with the Russian ambassador. The bottom line is we are pursuing every single possible action to keep our country safe from terrorism.

That could mean an appeal of the 9th Circuit Court decision, additional executive actions, or other options, Miller, who played a key role in drafting the controversial order, said.

A senior adviser to the president continued Donald Trump's attacks on the judiciary over his suspended travel ban while declining to indicate what legal strategy the administration will pursue to enforce the president's executive order. "The president of the United States has accomplished more in just a few weeks than many Presidents do in an entire administration".

Hezbollah, a political faction with a powerful armed wing that is supported by Iran, has been a key ally, along with Russian Federation, of Syrian President Bashar Assad in his nearly six-year fight against anti-government opposition rebels. "One unelected Judge in Seattle can not make laws for the entire country". Several courts have ruled against the Trump administration over the ban.

"But these days there are would-be terrorists who have infiltrated places like Belgium and France, and they could come into this country much more easily than someone who's a refugee from the seven countries the president mentioned. The idea that you're going to have a judge in Seattle say that a foreign national living in Libya has an effective right to enter the United States is beyond anything we've ever seen before". What that has to do with the claim that New Hampshire is busing people in from MA to vote is also unclear.

Miller also advanced false claims that widespread voter fraud undermined Trump's performance in November's election.