Are We Seeing A 'Spy Revolt' Against Donald Trump?

"He's speaking to the vice president relative to the conversation the vice president had with General Flynn, and also speaking to various other people about what he considers the single most important subject there is: our national security".

Former White House officials and experts were not so impressed. The most unsafe person in the White House still has a job.

Flynn's close connection to the Russians allowed him access to Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador to the United States. That was the first story, anyway.

During the press conference, Spicer was asked about a tweet President Trump made on Tuesday morning about Flynn's resignation.

Flynn later told White House officials that he may have discussed sanctions with the ambassador. Now that there's nowhere else to shift the focus, we're finally seeing what happens when a man who shoots his mouth/keyboard off at every impulse is expected to answer for what he says, and that's just not going to end well.

The White House faced fresh headlines stemming from the complex web of communications between Trump, his staff and Russian officials. Trump fired not Flynn but Yates shortly afterward, when she refused to enforce his travel ban.

Given that an official explanation of Flynn's departure remains rather obscure, the immediate question is what was actually said during Flynn's talks to ambassador Kislyak. The media seems newly energized by the cascade of leaks from the intelligence agencies.

In a string of tweets last night, Mr Trump pointed the finger at the intelligence community for "illegally" leaking classified information to the media, calling it "un-American", while trying to distance himself from the brouhaha. The air started getting thin for him when it emerged just a few days after Trump's inauguration that the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other authorities had investigated pre-inauguration phone calls that the designated U.S. security adviser had made to Russia's ambassador in Washington.

Flynn can resign. At minimum Flynn has become a distraction for the Administration. Richard Burr, chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, also said he had not reached a decision about whether Flynn should be hauled before Congress, though he hinted that he would not rule it out. He said if anything there are now more questions on "how many questions still remain unanswered to the American people more than three months after Election Day, including who was aware of what, and when".

Three American officials told the Times that American law enforcement and intelligence agencies intercepted the calls around the same time they found evidence that Russian Federation had hacked the Democratic National Committee. "The [Senate] intelligence committee is already looking at this", told reporters today, noting that its leaders have subpoena powers. "The issue is what he said", Phil wrote.