Daesh militants neutralized in Turkey, 7 FSA soldiers killed

The Kurdish outlet Rudaw notes that the YPG denied the death of any of its fighters, instead claiming that the YPG "damaged" Turkish vehicles and protesting that Turkey had "violated" the sovereignty of Rojava, which the YPG considers the Syrian region of Kurdistan. "Turkey has killed over 3,000 ISIL terrorists in its ongoing operations in northern Syria", he said. They also agreed to expand military coordination during the operation against militants from Daesh and other extremist groups in Syria.

The Turkish Army and their rebel associates have recently intensified their attacks against the Kurdish-led "Syrian Democratic Forces" (SDF) in northern Syria, despite the fact they are nowhere near the front-lines with the Islamic State (ISIS).

The Turkish Army and Turkey-backed rebels of the Euphrates Shield have been bombing Tel Rifaat since Tuesday. The ministry said that Russian bombers had been on a mission to destroy Daesh terrorists' positions near al-Bab, where Turkish soldiers had been accidentally bombed. "The chiefs of the [Russian and Turkish] general staffs agreed to closer coordinate joint actions and exchange information about the situation on the ground".

By Friday, government forces were just 1.5 kilometres (less then a mile) from the southern outskirts of al-Bab, while Turkish troops and allied rebels advanced from the north, east and west.

"Al-Bab has largely been taken under control".

The news comes as the Turkish military operation in Syria's al-Bab has entered the final stage.

The corridor has been set up in the south of Al-Bab and varies in width from 500 metres to 1,000 metres (yards), Hurriyet said, adding that occasional communication took place between the rival sides.

Meanwhile, Assad's forces have pushed towards the town from the south, completing an encirclement of the IS fighters.