Republicans eyeing Medicaid overhaul as part of ACA repeal bill

Ryan, Energy and Commerce Chairman Greg Walden, and Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady on Thursday presented to the Republican Conference their vision for a "repeal plus" health care bill that would undo most of the Affordable Care Act and set up some pieces of a yet undeveloped Republican replacement. That would help prove that there really is a Republican Party and not just another party that offers nothing different from the Democrats.

Price, who served in the House before becoming HHS secretary, told Republican lawmakers that on Obamacare repeal, "The president is all in on this", according to a source who attended the meeting.

Voters give them the presidency, the Senate and House.

Rep. Bill Huizenga, R-Mich., called the 18-page outline "guideposts and a road map".

"Whatever the new plans are going forward, we should keep in place and try to expand and have even more folks that have coverage", said Peters.

Here is what we are working to do: We will first send in a rescue crew to fix temporarily a collapsing health care market so Americans who buy individual insurance can continue to do so while we build a better set of concrete, practical alternatives.

Insurers, hospital groups, and ordinary Americans alike have been expressing concern about a repeal of the ACA, and the uncertainty over whether there will be a replacement.

We need to rescue people from this collapsing law, and we need to replace it with a true patient-centered system.

Rep. Mark Sanford (R-S.C.) will introduce a companion of Paul's bill in the House. But they do not know yet what exactly they will be joining forces on.

The policy brief did not specify how much the tax credit would be. The credit amount adjusts for age and family size.

The continued discord seven weeks into the new Congress brought into high relief Republicans' struggle to get on the same page to fulfill their most basic campaign pledge - a task that is turning out to be more complicated than they imagined.

That means more choices and lower costs. The law also changed expectations about what health insurance should do and who it's for ― especially when it comes to guaranteeing access to coverage for people who have pre-existing conditions that would have locked them out of of the insurance market before the law.

The plan also calls for expanding health savings accounts, which allow people to save their own money tax-free to pay for health care costs. As health-care programs go, Medicaid is a cheap option, with relatively low costs and low rates of inflation.

By contrast, the Affordable Care Act (colloquially known as Obamacare) expanded Medicaid coverage to lower-income Americans in participating states and provided income-based tax credits.

Paul said a new refundable tax credit would essentially be "a subsidy by another name".

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GOP lawmakers said repeatedly they would unwind Obamacare-a promise repeated by President Donald Trump on the campaign trail-but the conference has yet to come together on which parts of the law would be repealed and how. He told The Washington Post it was down to the, quote, "final strokes on insurance for everybody".