Rob Liefeld Says Logan Is Best X-Men Movie Ever

"We did not set out to make a political movie and yet there are references and echoes in this movie that could not have been anticipated but exist today", he said.

Set in 2024, director James Mangold's latest installment in the X-Men series once more stars British actor Patrick Stewart and, of course, Hugh Jackman.

"You'll probably see a lot of internet posts where people rank their favorite superhero movies and they'll now try to fit Logan into that list somewhere - most likely pretty high".

No doubt, a reboot is on the way for the X-Men franchise, and the Wolverine character in particular, but make no mistake, Jackman has left big boots to fill and an indelible impression where X marks the spot.

While fans may end up divided on how many of these categories the film ultimately satisfies, the fact this discussion is being had is proof enough that it is provocative and powerful. "The best thing about "Logan" is that it's one of those movies about a grown-up killer who becomes the mentor and protector of a child, yet it manages not to be cloying". If Logan has a fault, it's that it lays on the dourness maybe too much - but, then again, that's kind of the point. "And it does capture a level of realism I haven't really seen before in this genre". "Mangold's Logan is a odd contradiction: It's both the most violent film in the series and the most sentimental one".

Richard E. Grant's character, the evil scientist Zander Rice, is nearly completely superfluous to the proceedings, but his underling, Pierce, is a worthy enemy for our world-weary protagonist, and his merry band of mooks are far more competent and menacing than your usual expendable superhero goons.

"No X-Men movie will ever be great (the material is too derivative), but Jackman, though he's the Superman of the bunch, has gone deeper into the alienation than any other mutant in the series". If you've ever wondered what Wolverine's claws would look like piercing literally any part of the body, look no further.

"Well done, Mr. Jackman, and Godspeed Wolverine".

"Logan's momentum definitely flags towards the end, but there are some nice touches in the finale as well (including a final shot that is absolutely perfect)". With this in mind, what praises are the critics giving Hugh Jackman's last outing as Wolverine? Better still, he's a more refined actor now than when he started, and in Logan he gets to play something rare in comic-book cinema: a powerhouse of animal rage who is slowly, agonizingly slipping away.

"Logan is a unique film".

At the beginning of the tenth X-Men flick, our eponymous hero is in a bad way.

"In the near future, a tired Logan cares for an ailing Professor X in a hide out on the Mexican border".

"It's a journey we've been on before, but Mangold makes it an entertaining (if slightly overlong) one".

Following an initial skirmish - and bloody confirmation the film's violent, no-holds-barred action is not for kids - Logan, Xavier and Laura take to the road in search of Eden, a promised land mentioned in the girl's X-Men comics and derided mercilessly by Logan when he delivers a reality check to her (and us) that this is not the usual X-tale.