Jamie Chung Cast As Blink In X-Men TV Pilot

The last time she showed up on screen was in 2014's X-Men: Days of Future Past, played by Chinese actress Bingbing Fan.

Chung is the first actor cast in the highly anticipated project.

The Gotham actress has signed on to play the famed character Blink in Fox's Marvel drama pilot, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. Deadline has reported that the studio has brought in Gotham Star Jamie Chung as Blink, the mutant whos' main power is teleportation. After being traumatized from having to leave the life she knows, she slowly regains her confidence, and adapts to her new life. Chung will joins Blair Redford (Switched At Birth) as a series regular. Blink's real name is Clarice Fong (Ferguson in the comics), and she has the ability to teleport great distances, and can also focus her powers into blade-like energy.

With FX's Legion out there enthralling and confusing audiences from week to week, that other X-Men-related TV show is starting to pull itself together. Marvel announced the Fox Marvel Jamie Chung casting, and describes her character as a "sarcastic and lively tomboy". Now it appears that Chung's Blink will not be connected to the Blink introduced in the cinematic X-Men universe - though there is always the possibility that could change as additional details emerge.

Fox's untitled X-Men show has Burn Notice's Matt Nix as showrunner, with long-time X-Men movie director Bryan Singer helming the pilot. The character is killed in the film, but she was part of an alternative future that characters like Patrick Stewart's Professor X and Ian McKellen's Magneto were trying to stop. After they are forced to flee from a hostile government, the family join an underground mutant network in order to survive.