Logan May Not Be Patrick Stewart's Last X-Men Movie

Hugh Jackman has told Sky News he his hanging up his claws after 17 years playing Hollywood's longest-running superhero.

As much as this movie deviates from the standard comic book movie formula, however, it seems that at least one element of the typical X-Men franchise has remained intact: the post-credits scene. Jackman partnered with director James Mangold and the two made sure the character goes out with a bang.

According to Digital Spy, it is especially hard to tell what to expect from the post-credits scene because the tone of the movie is perfectly natural and its ending is fine even without the extra scene. We'll report back with more details as they become available. There is also a race for special effects and casting which does not necessarily bring a plus. Or will we get one more tiny glimpse of the character after all? Logan is pretty heavily separated from the other X-Men films, taking place far in the future where mutants are close to extinction.

The #MCU handles things differently, instead opting for a series of solo films to build rapport before leading in to an eventual team-up, such as The Avengers (2012), Age of Ultron (2015) and Civil War (2016). A casting minimized to best serve the film and the character of Wolverine.

Here's what the top critics are saying about the anticipated movie. With no Spandex, ruby-quartz visors or city-leveling spectacles in sight, "Logan" plays more like a sci-fi flick with a Western heart. "But the biggest block I've had", says Mangold, "is that ..." The former removes the shackles of censorship from his bloody, vicious outbursts of rage, while the latter adds an element of vulnerability that is crucial for the full spectrum of emotions to resonate in audiences. However, variety is the spice of life, and the beauty of the superhero boom is that fans of the genre can switch between deeper, character driven stories and ensemble excess to their heart's content.

Logan opens in United Kingdom theatres on 1 March.

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