Most banks and courts closed for President's Day

Millions of Americans will be honoring the legacy of America's presidents on Monday-even though a national Presidents Day holiday is pure fiction.

While there's an argument that ongoing protests should voluntarily be suspended in respect of Presidents Day, you can understand why the anti-Trump demonstrators would redouble their efforts today. Officially, the holiday has another name.

Schools: Closed. Some universities, such as Cleveland State, also close.

If Washington's birthday were to be commemorated on the second Monday of February, then March 4, the original inauguration day for presidents, would work and would serve as a reference to another facet of our national history.

Washington's birthday is also known as President's Day.

Washington's holiday should either be backed up to the second Monday in February when it has the potential to fall on his original birthday (Julian calendar) or shifted forward to the fourth Monday in February, when it could land on his Gregorian adjusted birthday. Over the past 30 years, there have been 21 times that February 22 fell on a weekday.

The holiday later became an occasion to pay tribute to the first president, George Washington, and the 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, albeit more recently it has become a holiday to honor all US presidents past and present. Today isn't Presidents Day. New Year's Day was now in January.

In other words, while most of us have the day off, liberals are treating Presidents Day as just another day with a "Y" in it...

Most are open. Walmart, Macy's, Target and Nordstrom are open in most locations, as are many other big department stores that may be holding Presidents Day sales.

While in reality it is still a holiday to honor George and Abe, many see it as a day to honor our current commander in chief. Buses are running, but schools are closed. Post offices are closed on Monday as well, but all institutions will resume their regular business hours on Tuesday.

No mail will be delivered, and most banks and courts will be shut down for the holiday, so make sure you check before you go.