Jimmy Kimmel will not let Matt Damon come near Oscar's stage

However, Jimmy Kimmel had a distinct strategy to get the former presidential candidate on the show-email him over and over again until he finally broke.

"I will miss it when I go", he continued. We ran out of time.' ... "We do this because we love to present baubles to millionaires".

Kimmel also indicated that if he were to indeed permanently sign off of Live!, it wouldn't be for another late-night venture.

He admitted he had planned on gifting Meryl Streep a real pony during the show to celebrate her record-breaking 20th nomination, but Molly nixed that idea.

Jimmy Kimmel readily admits to being nervous about hosting the Oscars for the first time this Sunday and turned to Ellen DeGeneres, the most successful of the recent emcees for advice. I think this job is a grind, and best-cast scenario, a marathon.

Kimmel also said that he was not looking forward to seeing his "arch enemy".

"We had a bad show.The guests were bad, and I was feeling pretty bad about myself at the end of the program". "I have to look at his face in the audience". So I really am in a little bit of a bubble as far as what will work and what doesn't, and really the only way we'll know is when I'm on that stage.

No. 2, "I think you want a host who's commenting on things as they happen".

"I don't want the film to lose", Kimmel added.

Jimmy Kimmel is contemplating retirement following the expiration of his 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' contract in 2019.

The show which will be airing live in India on February 27th morning will be honoring some of the biggest talents whose names will soon go down in history as an "Academy Award Winners".

"After the Oscars, I'm going to go home and I'm going watch the broadcast", Kimmel joked. "Sorry, I'm just being honest", he said at the time. And more importantly, who was not. And I vow to destroy those people. I mean, people laugh every time I say it. ...

The 89th annual Academy Awards are this Sunday and politics of one sort or another are likely to be on display as are the most diverse group of acting nominees.