Putin says new Syria sanctions would hamper peace talks

The talks in the Swiss city kicked off last Thursday, bringing together the delegation of the Syrian Arab Republic and those of the opposition groups.

Also on Monday, the UN Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura met separately with government and opposition delegations. "We notice now that the political transition subject has become the main subject on the table". On Monday the opposition called on Moscow to pressure the Syrian government to discuss a political transition rather than just the fight against terrorism.

Government representatives have previously said that a political transition, which would ultimately see President Bashar al-Assad relinquish power, is not up for discussion.

A top Russian diplomat to the United Nations said after a Security Council meeting to discuss the text on Friday that Russia is ready to veto the draft resolution, if it was put to a vote.

The focus in Geneva would be three political issues - a new constitution, United Nations -supervised elections and accountable governance - based on Security Council resolution 2254.

The Observatory said that in addition to the airstrikes, al-Waer is being subjected to shelling.

"This was a sound meeting, constructive discussion about the Syrian negotiation round".

TRT World's Sarah Firth is in Geneva and has more on the talks.

The issue has overshadowed the Geneva talks, in particular after a suicide assault in Syria's third-largest city of Homs last weekend which killed dozens of people.

The U.N. envoy indicated to the High Negotiations Committee, which is leading the opposition delegation, that he would like to unify the disparate groups to facilitate face-to-face talks with the government to end the almost six-year-old conflict.

The HNC said on Wednesday it will not allow "terrorism" to be added to the agenda of the Geneva talks.

"Definitely yes", deputy foreign minister Gennady Gatilov told reporters when asked if terrorism should be included.

A senior member of the Syrian opposition has confirmed during the Geneva talks that the delegation is in possession of visual evidence which confirms that the regime in Damascus has ties with Daesh, Al-Arabiya has reported.

The source said the government delegation had "in-depth and fruitful talks" with de Mistura over the past two days, and was satisfied with the progress of the talks.

"Novelty of the current situation in Geneva is that the sides have agreed to de Mistura's proposal to consider the issues concurrently, that is all the issues", he added.

Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov met the Syrian government delegation head, Bashar Jaafari, in Geneva, where the United Nations is holding the first round of Syria negotiations in nearly a year. "There is common understanding that we need to move ahead in resolving the Syria crisis", Gatilov said, adding the sides outlined their approaches to finding solutions to the Syria crisis.