Daniela Vargas's Detention Shows How Vulnerable DREAMers Are Under Trump

One young undocumented immigrant who received a work permit and temporary protection from deportation under President Obama, said she wasn't sure whether she should renew her permit under Trump.

ICE agents arrested her father and brother outside their home last month but Vargas hid in a closet, and agents later handcuffed her, and then released her, the Ledger reported.

According to a statement release by ICE, a federal immigration judge will now determine Vargas's custody status as well as decide whether or not she is eligible for immigration relief. Vargas's attorney, Abby Peterson, told reporters that her DACA status had recently expired and she was awaiting her renewal when she was captured and detained by ICE on Wednesday. Disturbing that ICE may have followed her from an immigration press conference.

Vargas believes the US needs a "path for citizenship" for DACA recipients and "also for the other 11 million undocumented people with dreams".

Vargas left Wednesday's event in a friend's auto, Peterson said.

"We're a country of laws, we can't create a special class of people who violate our laws, disrespect the laws of our country and say it doesn't matter", Hodgson said.

"The fingerprints police collect when booking someone into custody are automatically shared with federal immigration authorities, whether that police department wants to share them or not".

She is now being held, and a judge will determine if she must return to Argentina.

Police Commissioner James O'Neill sharply defied President Trump's immigrant deportation policies, on Wednesday.

She added that she has not heard of the agency making any such "collateral arrests" in Tennessee.

In some of Green Bay's recent homicides, which happened in neighborhoods heavily populated with Hispanics, detectives were able to make quick arrests thanks to cooperation from neighbors, some of whom could have been here illegally, Smith said.

Twenty-one year old Daniela Vargas was among the speakers at a news conference at Jackson City Hall to draw attention to the need for immigration reform. The federal government was sensitive to being publicly shamed for pursuing the "wrong" undocumented immigrants for removal.

I'm in touch with @DHSgov for more info about this case.

"If somebody commits a crime, they're going to be arrested for that crime", Baraka said.

Boughton says Danbury will cooperate with ICE enforcement, and will work as a "force multiplier" in a city with an estimated 5,000 undocumented immigrants.

But he said Trump's executive orders on immigration enforcement and the border have made things more complicated so that "you are not so certain anymore".

School officials everywhere, from The Massachusetts Department of Education, to Chicago Public Schools, are committed to upholding that right in the face of ICE immigration raids, and have promised not to question a child's immigration status.

"ICE officers showed up at the apartment complex and asked for the person's name", Castro said.