Indian athlete arrested in USA for alleged sexual assault of a minor

Earlier in the year, it was reported that two snowshoers from Kashmir, who were supposed to take part in the 2017 World Snowshoe Championships in NY from February 24-25, had alleged they had been denied visa to the U.S. due to the "current (US) policy".

The 24-year-old snowshoe racer from Kashmir was arrested from Saranac Lake village in NY, according to reports. "We are trying to ascertain what happened".

Saranac Lake police reported that a snowshoe competitor from India has been arrested after allegations of sexual abuse.

Although India is not one of the seven countries that was part of the initial travel ban, Hussain and Khan had alleged they were victims of it when their first attempt at procuring visas to travel to the United States were turned down in late January, the first business day after Trump's travel ban was put in place.

As per the report that Tanveer Hussain had planned to return home this week. After the issue was raised in media, prompting the village mayor to present the matter to some U.S. senators, Hussain and Khan were given the travel permit.

Hussain said that Sir, please.

According to reports, Hussain has been offered help by two Indian families as he can't speak English. "This from our good friend Abid Khan, from Kashmir, minutes ago in our Facebook Messaging", Clyde Rabideau, Mayor of the Village of Saranac Lake in NY, had written on his Facebook page then.

"Personally I am very disturbed by the turn of events..." "We have full faith in the American law and as there is a court proceeding going on that is going to be my only comment".

He was arrested after the girl and her parents lodged a complaint with police, Mr Hussain's lawyer said. He also said that Hussain complained that the girl tried to make an advance on him, which he turned down. They provided marriage certificates, property deeds, testimonies from employers and evidence of "past world travel without mishaps", Rabideau said.

Police said the charges stem from a "passionate kiss" with a 12-year-old student. Even though the police confirm that there is no case for forcing into the girl, the current charges are purely based on the consideration that the girl is a minor. Tanveer Hussain was jailed on Thursday and was let off on bail for $5,000 after his attorney entered a "not-guilty" plea.