Trump Hits Schumer Over Photo With Putin

"A total hypocrite!" Trump tweeted Friday afternoon, along with an old photo of Schumer having a snack with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Mr. Beller's Neighborhood, a local blog about NY, reported that Schumer recommended that Putin try the glazed doughnut from Krispy Kreme.

"A total hypocrite!", Trump tweeted along with the photograph in which Schumer and Putin can be seen smiling together.

Schumer responded on Twitter shortly after, saying that he would gladly discuss his contact with Putin under oath and would challenge his team to do the same. The occasion was the grand opening of a Lukoil gasoline station (representing Russia's largest oil company) in Chelsea, and Schumer was doing diplomatic necessities.

While Trump has yet to lay down his Russian Federation policy, most signs suggest no swift changes in the relationship, which sank to a post-Cold War low under his predecessor Barack Obama, mostly due to bitter differences over Syria and Ukraine.

Hours before Sessions recused himself from investigations related to Trump campaign matters, Schumer called for a special prosecutor to investigate.

"The Democrats are overplaying their hand", Trump said in the statement following the conference.

In Congress, while Republicans have roundly rejected Democratic calls for a select committee to investigate any Russia-Trump connections, the idea is likely to gain traction as new information comes to light, Kent said. The FBI is investigating ties between Trump associates and Russian Federation.

It has now been discovered that the United States new Attorney General Jefferson Sessions privately met with a Russian ambassador on multiple occasions even after lying under oath during his public hearing.

Mr. Trump tweeted a demand for an investigation of Sen. Afterward, while addressing the press on the expansion of Lukoil in NY, with Putin by his side, Schumer said, "With the introduction of this independent source of oil, the Saudis and OPEC will not have the stranglehold on oil prices they now have".

Sanders questioned why Sessions "bumping into" the Russian diplomat at last year's GOP convention constitutes news because "dozens" of other ambassadors were also there.