Google Cloud launches Windows partner program

That's the Google Cloud Next conference in San Francisco this morning, where Google Cloud announced a new partner program created to help companies running Windows migrate to its cloud computing platform.

The new Video Intelligence API is meant for developers to build applications that can automatically detect objects from a video. The team from Mountain View has shared its Cloud Video Intelligence API, which can visually recognize specific search terms within videos. In a second demonstration the API was tasked with searching for "beach", and succeeded in finding videos which contained beach scenes in the same way that Google Photos can search a photograph collection for images of beaches. Although it has great expertise in running online services, some companies have found Google's products hard to use and its business models mercurial, but a just-announced partnership with SAP could put the Google Cloud Platform on more user-friendly terms.

The API is part of the larger Google Cloud Machine Learning platform.

Google executives once again took to the stage Wednesday to say the Internet search and advertising company is 100% committed to providing cloud computing services to business customers. In her address, she pointed out that data analytics was Google's strength as was machine learning, and that's exactly what they will offer to their enterprise customers.

His argument is that Google, with its tens of billions of dollars of investment, can build the underlying infrastructure better than any single smaller company could hope to, so it doesn't make sense for them to build their own data centres when their resources could be freed up by using Google Cloud and allocated elsewhere.

The tech giant, at the Next conference in San Francisco, announced the new tool which could make computers understand and decode videos like humans.

"The strategic relationship with Google is an exciting launch that addresses a growing market need", said Patrick Lee, general manager of the Google business at Rackspace.

Starting with the Natural Language API, Nelson said they were able to label message with tags such as "Feedback" or "Positive". "With Kaggle joining the Google Cloud team, we can accelerate this mission", she pointed out.

Kaggle prides itself on possessing AI innovation apps and tools.

Buying Kaggle could also boost Google's recruiting efforts, giving it access to a large pool of scientists.

Developers on Google Cloud will have a window into the SAP world, Agarwal stated.

"With a growing number of enterprises moving their analytics workloads to the cloud, we're extremely excited for the opportunity to address the data wrangling challenges of these innovative organizations", said Adam Wilson, CEO, Trifacta.