NY US Attorney Tweets He Has Been Fired

It's fairly customary for the 93 USA attorneys to leave their positions after a new president is in office, but the departures are not automatic and don't necessarily happen all at once.

The dismissal of the US attorneys drew condemnation from New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who said in a statement that the move cast doubt on whether Sessions is interested in protecting the non-partisan work of federal prosecutors.

"I did not resign". The former US Attorney wrote that he'd been let go on his Twitter feed, which he only set up two weeks ago, perhaps in anticipation of this very moment.

Preet Bharara announced on Saturday that he'd been fired from his position as US Attorney for the Southern District of NY, which includes Manhattan, where Donald Trump used to reside and his wife still does.

Martinez is among the 40 plus U.S. Attorneys asked to resign amid the President's transition.

In frequent public appearances, Bharara has decried public corruption after successfully prosecuting over a dozen state lawmakers, Democrats and Republicans alike.

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Huber acknowledged in a December 2015 interview with The Spectrum & Daily News, a few months after he was confirmed as President Barack Obama's selection to replace outgoing U.S. Attorney David Barlow, that the states' lead federal prosecutors are appointed by the president and the approaching end of Obama's term left his job security tentative. Career attorneys are to carry on the work until new U.S. attorneys are put in place, the Justice Department said.

It emerged on Friday that Attorney General Jeff Sessions was seeking the resignations of 46 USA attorneys who served under the leadership of Barack Obama.

His office is now investigating allegations that Mayor de Blasio's office performed favors for campaign donors, as well as a case against a top aide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo. "This saddens me because many of these people are great public servants and now they are being asked to leave".

Bharara's deputy Joon H. Kim will serve as acting U.S. Attorney, Bharara said. On Friday, however, Bharara received the same call as the other federal attorneys but indicated he would not be resigning. "So I think (the plea agreement) is a wonderful deal", defense attorney Aric Cramer said of the initial case resolutions in January. "It's going to be a one-liner", he added.