Durban loses hosting rights for 2022 Commonwealth Games

There had been doubt placed over the KwaZulu-Natal city's hosting of the Games after event organisers had missed various submission deadlines with the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF).

Durban has been stripped of the 2022 Commonwealth Games after failing to meet key obligations.

Gideon Sam, President of South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee and a vice-president of the CGF, had admitted last Friday that he expected Durban to lose the event due to the lack of financial guarantees.

She said they will want to have it tidied up in a few months and they are optimistic there are cities interested and capable of meeting the requirements.

The Department of Sports and Recreation on Monday said it would hold a media briefing in response to the recent announcement that Durban had lost the hosting rights to the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

There has been speculation since late a year ago that Durban may lose Games after the organizing Committee missed various financial and planning deadlines set out by the CGF.

"We had hoped to make this a Games for all of Africa, and so this is a very sad day for the whole continent".

A trip days later by Martin to try and end the impasse was markedly low-key, in contrast to the extravagant publicity that marked the award of the Games to Durban in September 2015.

The next Games are set to be held in 2018 at the Gold Coast, Australia. However, "the South African government has been unable to come to agreement with the Commonwealth Games Federation over paying for the tournament", says the BBC.

South Africa has also been touted as a possible Olympic host, and was considering bidding for the Summer Games in as early as 2028.

A final decision is expected from the Commonwealth Games Federation in the next few days, but the BBC reports that "Liverpool, which is bidding to host the 2026 games, has now offered to step in if Durban can not host".

Mayor Phil Goff has already ruled out the Auckland taking on the 2022 assignment, saying the city was already under enough financial and infrastructure pressure.

"We'll look for another city, '" Sam said.