Gas prices fall - expected to stay below $2.75

Areas in California their current gas price climate: Stockton- $2.84/g, up 1.8 cents per gallon from last week's $2.82/g. That sign there says 79 cents for a gallon of unleaded gas.

Pittsburgh prices have fallen gradually through February and the first half of March as global oil prices - the biggest influence in American gasoline prices - have remained flat.

DeHaan said lowered oil prices may keep the seasonal rise in fuel prices from being as sharp as in past years.

US crude oil production has already topped 9 million barrels daily and is likely to continue up through the rest of the year. While that was about 2 cents higher than February 13, it was about a penny and a half cheaper than the previous Monday.

Consumers could see a 10-cent drop in retail gasoline prices before a sharp rise expected by Memorial Day, according to AAA.

A few months following an unusual rise in gasoline prices, Pittsburgh motorists are seeing an unusual drop in prices. Prices a week ago also were $2.49 at most outlets. "I remain optimistic that the annual spring rally at the pump could be less severe than expected, but remain cautious as it remains hard to know where the new path will lead oil prices in the week ahead", DeHaan said.

"The oil glut lingers", he said, but should reverse by May.

Diesel fuel averages $2.58 per the AP, but these Houston stations marked it down to $1.99. Georgia drivers previous year were paying about $1.875, while metro Albany motorists were paying $1.87.

The Florida average of $2.27 on Monday was three cents less than the national average.

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