'Overwatch' hero Orisa started as a lovechild of Bastion and Zarya

"As the newest member of Overwatch and guardian of Numbani, Orisa brings a unique set of skills and character to the Overwatch universe", the press release claims. A new tank class hero, Orisa's role involves being an anchor for her team, defending teammates on the frontline with a protective barrier.

Blizzard revealed today that the newest character for its team-based shooter is going live on March 21.

It's been a while since I've played Overwatch, but from what I'm hearing a character like Orisa is long overdue. In fact the rest of Orisa's mechanical brothers and sisters were cast aside and forgotten precisely because they failed to protect the city from Doomfist, but Effi believed that with a little bit of tinkering, this mech could become something more. Her main weapon, meanwhile, is a Fusion Driver cannon that delivers sustained damage, but slows Orisa's movement while firing.

Fortify: Orisa temporarily reduces damage she takes, and can not be affected by action-impairing effects. Meanwhile, Halt allows Orisa to shoot out a graviton ball that can then suck in all nearby enemies for easy pickings. Designed as a peacekeeping robot, Orisa is technically the game's youngest hero. This means PC, PlayStation 4 and XBox One players will be able to see if Orissa is as formidable a tank as she has appeared to be during testing.