The Winter Storm Stella Flight Cancellations Update Still Doesn't Look Good

Hundreds of flights at Logan International Airport, and thousands along the east coast, were cancelled Tuesday as the northeastern United States hunkered down for a major late-season snow storm.

In fact, 1,100 flights have already been cancelled as of Monday morning and 2,559 flights have been proactively cancelled for Tuesday. Airports in Chicago, New York and Washington D.C. are experiencing the highest number of weather related flight issues.

Fortunately, airlines have already waived change fees for customers traveling in the storm's path. Changes must be made prior to the original departure date for new flights departing on or before Friday.

Even before a massive storm began pounding the East Coast, almost 5,400 USA flights scheduled for Tuesday were cancelled - including almost all of the planes at Newark Liberty International Airport. Meanwhile, American Airlines, JetBlue, and United Airlines have all canceled more than 500 flights apiece, according to the AP.

As of 11 a.m. EDT, almost every LaGuardia flight scheduled for Tuesday has been cancelled, but only 772 of 1,200 flights at JFK have been cancelled, raising the possibility that some flights later in the day could operate.

"There will still be some flights to/from Washington and Baltimore but there will be some revisions to our schedules".

In addition to snarling air travel across the region, Stella could make driving extremely unsafe, with some roads likely to become impassable as blizzard conditions develop.

SAS cancelled all of its flights from Scandinavia to NY on Tuesday on the grounds of the blizzard conditions, impacting routes from Stockholm as well as Copenhagen and Oslo. Southwest alone had grounded more than 250 flights Monday at Chicago Midway, which is one of the carrier's busiest bases.

Monday several flights arrived and departed without weather related problems unless they were from NY or Philadelphia.

Delta: Customers going to affected cities on March 14 or March 15 can rebook travel through March 17 without a charge.

"The best bet is to stay in touch with the airlines, because their the ones that are feeding all the information to our website data and our flight information boards", Lea says.