Fans react surprisingly to Marvel's Iron Fist season 1

He's raised by wicked cool warrior monks and taught dank-ass martial arts by a badass named Lei-Kung the Thunderer; he ultimately fights a freaking dragon, plunges his fist into its heart, and gains superpowers to become the latest in a long line superhuman warriors that bears the name of the Iron Fist.

"I'd say a primary theme is addiction", added Jessica Henwick, who is the show's standout by miles as Colleen Wing, a steely martial-arts master who develops a prickly bond with Danny.

There's nothing quite so frustrating as watching a movie on a plane and all the best scenes are cut out with nothing you can do about it.

Controversy aside, what is Iron Fist actually about?

"Danny understands the bigger threat, because he's been dealing it all throughout his life and all throughout season one of Iron Fist", he told Entertainment Tonight. "So, when he meets The Defenders, he's the one who really drives the group to understand the bigger picture".

For years, the Meachum family have served as a foil to Danny Rand and his alter ego Iron Fist.

The best way for Marvel/Netflix to punch through that negative energy was to produce the best Iron First story possible for a live-action adaptation. Is there much you can say about how your characters react?

The fourth and final Marvel series to introduce a member of The Defenders is finally here.

When Danny Rand (Finn Jones) shows up back in the NY in Netflix's "Iron Fist", he's been missing for some 15 years.

Netflix hasn't announced whether or not Iron Fist will be getting a season two. Daredevil may have been trained by Stick, but he still fights with the soul of a boxer and this is what distinguishes him from Iron Fist.

However, there are other parts of Danny's story that seem too unbelievable to be real; ever since "the Incident" (a.k.a. the Battle of NY in The Avengers), there are all sorts of people popping out of the woodwork and claiming to have superpowers.

What can you say about their reaction when Danny comes back to NY.

It's finally time to shake hands with Danny Rand, aka Iron Fist. See, Danny showed up to the dojo with takeout - and by takeout, I mean a catered meal on a white cloth table.

Marvel Studios has defended casting former Game Of Thrones star Finn Jones in its new Netflix series after calls for an Asian actor to play the lead role. And the sad thing is, plenty of people saw these problems coming a mile away.

So let's say you want to make a superhero show. While other Netflix Marvel shows have taken their time in their reveals, we usually get a bit more than this in the early stages. On the night of her bachelorette party, she finds her fiancé (who's also her co-worker, also the boss's son) in an explicitly compromising position, and her outrage is not in the least diminished by the fact that she's lashing out at him with a sex toy. The rare moments where she displays that strength in "Iron Fist" are always fun. But you'll still have to sit through the six hours critics have seen, and there are entire series that do much more to reward that time investment than Iron Fist. Although one also has to pull their ears for offering some pretty mediocre special effects for a series of this level.

So far there's no news on a second season, however that's not too surprising since the show hasn't even been released yet and the Netflix Marvel schedule is now fully packed.

The show, which stars Finn Jones as the comic book superhero, will have a format similar to the other Netflix Marvel shows, where there will be flashbacks to his origin story as he faces off against threats in the present day. The look and feel of The Immortal Iron Fist, if not the story, could have been easily translated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and for it to fall short of that aspiration is devastating. There's still plenty of time for him to ideal his punches - hopefully while wearing a colorful superhero uniform.