Pro golfer taps gator into water at Arnold Palmer Invitational

Where other men may have avoided the gator, or at the very least ignored it, Gribble took a different approach.

Don't worry. Cody Gribble's done this before, guys.

Not Cody Gribble, a 26-year-old PGA Tour rookie who won the Sanderson Farms Open last fall.

No one can yet understand what was going on in the mind of 26-year-old golfer Cody Gribble when he made a decision to take things in his own hands and ask the alligator to get the s*** out of his golf course. Instead of walking around it, the Texan reached over and swatted its tail his left hand.

Waking the gator from its slumber, it crawled to the bank and dived straight into the water with Gribble continuing on like nothing had happened.

"Gator looked like he needed some exercise, I don't know".

Crazily enough, Gribble revealed it's NOT the first time he's done that.

"If you think that's insane, you should meet my father, Bill Gribble".

"I didn't even realize it was on video", Gribble said, according to Golf Week. "I guess I was trying to get some adrenaline going somehow, but I wasn't really afraid of it". "I'm not in its way, I'm right behind him ..."