Trump's Treasury Secretary Isn't Worried About AI Stealing Jobs

In fact, in that video, neither Mnuchin nor Allen say the word "robot".

"In response to Mnuchin's comments, the group Center for Responsive Politics said in a tweet", Treasury Sec Steve Mnuchin appears to have violated an ethics rule - the same one that got @KellyannePolls into trouble".

Mnuchin also jokingly said Trump's likeness should appear on the U.S. currency.

"This guy's got more stamina than anybody I've ever met", he said. Mnuchin, formerly the CIO of Goldman-Sachs and a hedge fund manager, gushed about POTUS before discussing subjects such as tax reform, the global economy, and Silicon Valley.

As to whether or not Trump, who spent yesterday wearing an "I heart trucks" pin and pretended to drive a big rig while his health-care plan crashed and burned, feels the weight of the presidency, Mnuchin told Allen, "I think he understands the seriousness of this job, and the responsibility".

"Tax reform is something the president is very committed to", Spicer told reporters.

Mnuchin went on to clarify his comment a bit, noting that he doesn't think self-driving cars use artificial intelligence because "that's computers and using real technology we have today". He also would not reveal exactly what corporate tax rate the administration would propose, other than it will be "a lot lower" than the current 35 percent rate. But as we covered last summer, the link Trump makes between his good genetics and his fitness to lead comes out of the white supremacist playbook.

Mnuchin, however, wasn't done making questionable claims about the president. He repeated that 3 percent to 3.5 percent USA economic growth is an achievable target. He said while news coverage focused on the administration's successful push to drop a pledge to oppose trade protectionism, that took only a small portion of the discussion time.