White House invites lawmakers to view NSA material

Richard Burr of North Carolina, and the ranking Democrat, Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., left, speaks at the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, March.

Sen. Ron Wyden of OR made his request in a letter Wednesday to the committee's Republican chairman, Sen.

Nunes is chair of the House intelligence panel, which is investigating Russian ties to the 2016 election and possible Trump campaign connections to Russia.

The report alleges that Cohen-Watnick began reviewing highly classified reports detailing the intercepted communications of foreign officials, shortly after President Trump tweeted about being surveilled.

Nunes reportedly told Bloomberg's Eli Lake "that his source was not a White House staffer and was an intelligence official", Lake wrote.

The New York Times reported that two White House officials - including an aide whose job was recently saved by President Donald Trump - secretly helped Nunes examine intelligence information last week.

But there's a problem: This conflicts with what Nunes has apparently said about his source or sources.

Schiff said he has accepted the invitation from the White House Counsel, but said the invitation "raises more questions than it answers". Intelligence agencies routinely monitor the communications of foreign officials living in the US, though the identities of Americans swept up in that collection is to be protected.

The United States is no longer making removing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad a focus of its policy in the war-torn country, the US ambassador to the United Nations says. But Nunes announced Monday that he had to cancel the hearing because Comey could not make the hearing.

"The revelation that White House officials assisted in the disclosure of the intelligence reports - which Mr. Nunes then discussed with President Trump - is likely to fuel criticism that the intelligence chairman has been too eager to do the bidding of the Trump administration while his committee is supposed to be conducting an independent investigation of Russia's meddling in the last presidential election", The New York Times reported Thursday afternoon. Then, Spicer pivoted to a line he's used already this week, lecturing Garett on the press' "obsession" with the process by which Nunes has gotten his information.

Nunes earlier this month said he had been shown information indicating that the USA intelligence community incidentally collected information on members of President Trump's transition team.

Officials declined to confirm whether the two sets of information are the same.

Nunes has so far refused to reveal his source of the material and has resisted calls to step down as head of the House Intelligence investigation.

The officials spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe the intelligence and to avoid angering Mr. Cohen-Watnick and Mr. Ellis. Namely, he still wants to know how Nunes obtained the information that suggested Trump's transition team had been placed under surveillance.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for what the time the letter was sent. In the letter, the administration invited him and Nunes to review National Security Council documents relevant to the investigation.

A spokesman for Ryan later said the speaker was not aware of Nunes' source and continues to have "full confidence" in the congressman's ability to run the Russian Federation investigation.