April the giraffe expected to give birth soon

In an update posted Friday morning, park staff said April's about to deliver - just as the month of March rolls into the giraffe's namesake month.

"Today is not the day to stop watching", Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch said during a live interview on GMA Friday.

"All observations, behavior, and predictions suggest a calf today, tonight", the post said.

She has not gone into active labor yet, but when the "countdown to calf" began two days ago, we started perking up waiting for the next update and it has arrived.

Animal Adventure Park announced that the pregnant giraffe is continuing to show contractions and significant changes on her "back end". Zookeepers at Animal Adventure Park say April's pregnancy is moving along and "we could be hours away" from welcoming a new giraffe to the property.

There's been a lot of speculation of how long April has been in labor and if she's actually contracting. The zoo added: "This is what we have all been waiting for!" The front hooves will come out first followed by the snout.

Her behavior and appetite were "on point" as she moved toward labor, the zoo said earlier this week. Experts say the celerity giraffe is "slightly" overdue in her expected calf delivery.

Watch the current YouTube stream in the video player above or here.

This is 15-year-old April's fourth calf. Patch continued, "A calf is imminent... and I really mean it this time".

But what if she doesn't give birth?

April appears unconcerned about still being pregnant. "It is 15 months to 16 months work of buildup to an exciting moment", Patch said". It still is not clear what caused the outage that lasted for about three hours.