Rep. Nunes: 'Democrats aren't really serious about this investigaton' An error occurred

Democrats are up in arms over the way House Intelligence Committee chair Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) has handled its investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, with several members demanding he recuse himself.

Nunes on Wednesday said, "We're beginning to figure out who's actually serious about the investigation".

"The intelligence community's assessment that Russian Federation interfered in our elections - paired with mounting evidence of connections between the Trump administration and Putin's government - demands a thorough and nonpartisan investigation", said Takano, who serves on House committees pertaining to education and the workforce, space, science and technology and veterans affairs.

The decision to cancel the hearing came amid criticism from Democrats after it was revealed that Nunes, a Republican, travelled to the grounds of the White House to review intelligence reports and meet a secret source to bolster his claim that communications involving associates of Trump were caught up in "incidental" surveillance.

"He has not been operating like someone who is interested in getting to the unvarnished truth", Schumer said of Nunes.

Nunes took questions Wednesday after Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina became the first Republican lawmaker to ask for the chairman, who was a member of Trump's transition team, to recuse himself from the investigation.

The California Republican admitted that he met with an unidentified source on the White House grounds to review intelligence reports ahead of his claim that Trump transition members' communications were "incidentally" swept up by USA intelligence officials.

He said he wants to know why the materials appeared to be directed through Nunes if they originated at the White House. Nunes later apologized to the committee.

Said Swalwell: "The chairman requested that in lieu of a public hearing we have a closed hearing with James Comey and Mike Rogers". Mark Warner, D-Va., left, speaks at the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, March.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer dismissed accusations that the White House was being evasive on the specifics of Nunes' visit but refused to provide details on who signed the California Republican into White House grounds, as would be required protocol. This fueled speculation that a White House official had provided the information to Nunes to bolster the president's tweeted claim that President Barack Obama illegally ordered surveillance, which had been repudiated by the nation's highest intelligence and law enforcement officials, as well as by Nunes himself.

"Democrats are 100% committed to this investigation", Tara Vales, the Quigley representative, told Business Insider.

"The Minority submitted a list of witnesses to the Majority yesterday". They had yet to hear back, the aide said.

"Everything is political; people say a lot of things around here and it's fine, it's politics", Nunes told reporters just moments after his colleague, ranking Democrat committee member Congressman Adam Schiff released a statement calling for Nunes to step down.

CNN has reached out to Nunes for comment on the meeting and has not yet received a response.