Rick and Morty premiere ignites McDonald's Szechuan sauce craze

Mr. Meeseeks! Even Birdperson, may God rest his feathered soul.

Harmon has spoken before about the delay, reiterating to fans that he and Roiland would release the season when it was ready.

The new episode picks up where the second season left off, with Rick, a super genius and alternate-reality-hopping scientist, locked up in an intergalactic high-security prison. After no new episodes since October 2015, they live-streamed the very first episode of the new season, "The Rickshank Rickdemption", on a loop until midnight EST on the Adult Swim website.

After ending last week's episode on a literal cliffhanger, it seems Adult Swim decided it hadn't messed with Samurai Jack fans enough. Fans will have to wait until then to see the next chapter in Jack's saga - unless Adult Swim pulls another fast one. "Is that what you'd want?".

The new episode addresses the cliffhanger ending of season two, but it may be hard to catch it from the beginning on the stream. After the premiere episode was released, the showrunners announced on Instagram that the new season would come in the summer. After all, in that Comic-Con video above, Dan Harmon indicates that they have an episode that's entirely about alcoholism though booze isn't mentioned once.