Cattle call: Heifers escape from St. Louis slaughterhouse

All six were captured and contained by 7:06 p.m. that night, according to the St. Louis Police Department.

A heifer bursts through an iron fence Thursday at the Little Sisters of the Poor in St. Louis.

A herd of cattle made their great escape in north St. Louis, and now people are trying to make their next escape last the rest of their lives.

It took animal control officers and Humane Society staff about four hours to capture all six of the escaped cattle.

Despite the matador-like duty of police officers and slaughterhouse workers rounding up the cattle in parks and parking lots, no injuries were reported.

"It's just so incredibly sad".

Gentle Barn co-founder Jay Weiner says his animal sanctuary intends to keep the steers either at its Tennessee farm or a new one.

"Both of us are willing to come right now", Coston told the St. Louis Dispatch.

If they did, she said, "we would be perpetuating the system we're saying is not a good system".

Brewer said he saw the story about the loose cattle on social media and he wanted to help get the cattle to an animal sanctuary.

"I'm all in", he said by phone.