Microsoft Gives Xbox One Players Their Own Twitch-Like Feature

On top of all that, if there is no custom background set, the updated Home will spotlight the game that is being played by featuring the hero art as the Xbox background.

Another feature of the Xbox One update is a new user interface, tell us what the new interface looks like in the comment section below. This is part of the ongoing evolution of the platform back to being primarily a gaming device, though at the Xbox One's outset it was positioned more as a media hub for all types of content.

The Xbox One's guide has also been changed as well and the task of taking screenshots and recording game clips is much easier too.

The new Guide is also the gateway to new Xbox One multitasking features.

Elements like the achievement tracker have been improved to be faster than before and provide more useful information, and the interface as a whole feels more informative so far.

Beam is already available for users of the Microsoft Xbox One, but it will also be available to desktop users from the 11 of April this year. The update is rolling out now to Xbox One consoles worldwide. Installing the operating system update early basically turns you into a human (presumably) guinea pig willing to deal with any unexpected problems. Microsoft has a lot to say about the new Xbox One changes. Microsoft noted the two are meant to go together, reflecting its new Xbox vision which sees PC and console gamers treated as equals.

For those who actively maintain multiple tabs throughout the day, instead of closing them all or bookmarking them when you've finished, you can simply use the "set aside" feature that allows you to literally set them aside to use later.

Microsoft said that Beam is "built right into your Xbox One", meaning that users won't have to load another app like Twitch onto their console before playing and broadcasting their game sessions. There are also screen time limits being introduced that allow parents to control the amount of time their children spent gaming or web browsing. Today, the update is going global, hitting the stable channel and becoming available to every Xbox owner.

Blu-ray player bitstream passthrough: The Blu-ray disc player on Xbox One now supports bitstream passthrough, which allows your receiver to decode audio natively. Head here to download that, so long as you're a member of the Windows Insider Program. With that in mind, on April 11, the update will first make it to the general Windows Update tool within newer PCs, "especially those we tested together with our OEM hardware partners", Microsoft's John Cable writes.

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