The Hardy Boyz enjoy Wrestlemania return! Matt and Jeff Hardy are back

But the return of the high-flying brothers took the match up a notch and as the crowd could not believe their eyes, the Hardy Boyz stunned their opponents.

Cena got down on one knee after he and Bella defeated The Miz and Maryse via double pin, according to ESPN. But then, the Hardy Boyz music hit and the sold out stadium in Orlando lost its mind. The returning duo was met with a huge pop and "Delete" chants.

As if making their return to WWE wasn't big enough, Jeff and Matt Hardy would also go on to win the Raw tag team titles.

The Hardys' contract with Impact Wrestling expired in February 2016 and they decided not to renew their deal with the promotion.

Matt and Jeff apparently arrived at WrestleMania moments before their match and Jeff was visibly hurting from the night before.

That is probably why Jeff Hardy said in an interview last week that they were not re-signing with the WWE and would not leave the indie scene until the end of the summer. They performed as a tag team for several years until they were split up in single's competition.

Well, that all changed on Sunday night at WrestleMania 33.

The report came shortly after the nine-time WWE tag team champions publicly slammed TNA in a video that Matt released on YouTube.

The Young Bucks defeated the Hardys in a ladder match to regain the Ring of Honor Tag Team Championship.

The only piece of the Hardy's Broken gimmick that was present was the oddly awesome patch of blonde hair on Matt's head.