Patrick Ewing finally a head coach

So instead, the 54-year-old Ewing takes his talents to Georgetown for the second time, where he will get a crash course in recruiting and will no doubt experience some of the same growing pains his old Dream Team teammate (and Big East foe) Chris Mullin is enduring at St. John's. But Ewing finally landed a much-deserved a head gig.

Patrick Ewing, Georgetown's new basketball coach, and John Thompson Jr., Ewing's coach with the Hoyas all those decades ago, greeted each other with a bear hug. Ewing shined not as a legacy hire manipulating a nostalgic university, not as a John Thompson Jr. protégé, but as his own man, with his own coaching ideas and with a vision that is clear and layered.

Ewing wasn't one of the guys you thought of as a definite coach-to-be during his playing career.

"I told him honestly I would go back to coach college, but I would go back to like Div. II or III", Clifford said before Charlotte faced the Washington Wizards Tuesday.

It is undoubtedly a big swing by Georgetown, hiring someone with no head coaching experience to spearhead a significant rebuilding process. I still live in the area, If I get an opportunity for an interview I'd be happy. When Ewing was considering taking the Georgetown job, he spoke to Mullin, picking his brain about what it was like to go from the National Basketball Association to college, where he was a legendary player.

Ewing intends to run a team "similar to the style that we play in the National Basketball Association - I want it to be up-tempo, push the ball, shoot 3s when you have them".

Selected first overall by the Knicks in 1985, Ewing helped transform the culture of the organization, which had made the postseason four times in the previous 10 seasons.

"Of all the players that have gone from superstardom to putting in the time and paying their dues to becoming a head coach, Patrick deserves this probably more than any player ever", said Miami Heat president Pat Riley, whom Ewing played for with the Knicks.

Consistently during Ewing's tenures with the Houston Rockets and then Orlando Magic, he was credited with mentoring ultra-talented big men Yao Ming and Dwight Howard.

"I do think we get a bit pigeonholed in terms of what all they think we can teach".

He can break down film and put together winning game plans. As Charlotte's associate head coach, he was the most trusted assistant of Clifford, one of the brightest minds in the NBA and a true coach's coach who has worked at every level of basketball. Many workplaces have similar clauses to avoid people in power favoring family members, but Georgetown wasn't believed to be one of those places given its history. Looking forward to seeing them next year when we play them.

At the same time that a growing number of Georgetown fans were calling for JT3 to go, the majority seemed to be calling for Ewing to replace him. That's why his re-introduction turned into the most hyped event at Georgetown since, perhaps, the 2007 Final Four. Rebuilding the Hoyas is a hard task, but lack of preparation won't be among his hurdles.