Trump climate actions are an opening for China

Politico reports that during a meeting on Tuesday, "a supervisor at the Energy Department's global climate office told staff.not to use the phrases "climate change", "emissions reduction" or "Paris Agreement" in written memos, briefings or other written communication".

"The president fails to realize that climate change is not just a vague, distant concept", said Florida Democratic Rep. Ted Deutch. Pruitt is not an anti-environmental zealot; as for the EPA, he's said "Clearly the mission of the EPA is to protect our natural resources, protecting our water quality, improving our air".

"Because the rule is under agency review and may be significantly modified or rescinded through further rulemaking in accordance with the executive order, holding this case in abeyance is the most efficient and logical course of action here", lawyers for the Justice Department said in their motion late Tuesday.

As expected, President Donald Trump scrapped the Obama administration's Clean Power Plan that was created to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from electricity generators.

The scene came one day after Robert Murray, CEO of Murray Energy, the largest privately held coal mining company in the USA, said what we all already know: the industry won't be revived.

Pressed by reporters if Trump still believed climate change to be a "Chinese hoax", White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer dodged the question and promised that Trump would use his signing statement to elaborate on "what he believes" about climate change.

(CNN) Many in the energy and environmental industries thought Donald Trump's victory in November meant certain death for the Clean Power Plan (CPP), a piece of low-hanging fruit in Trump's promise to revitalize coal country. "You're going back to work".

That put a lot of focus on Tuesday's executive order.

Overall, the Petra Nova project captures only about 10 percent of the emissions from this one coal plant.

Kelly said the lack of consistency poses an economic challenges to the energy companies.

PSE reached an agreement with the Sierra Club and the Montana Environmental Information Center past year to close down its two dirtiest coal plants by July 1, 2022.

"Those decisions are being made at the state level and plant by plant", said Earthjustice President Trip Van Noppen, who said his group is "continuing to work aggressively to retire dirty coal plants". "In the end, coal workers' faith in President Trump doesn't matter much: coal jobs are not coming back".

With a president who clearly wants to help coal companies thrive, Monseu says the industry is optimistic about its future. The Sierra Club says that in recent years some 250 coal plants have been retired or are preparing for retirement.

A report released Thursday from Clean Energy Canada, a think-tank at Simon Fraser University, refers to China as "a clean energy behemoth with over half-a-trillion dollars invested in renewable energy in the last five years alone". "I suggested that [Trump] temper his expectations". This is the official position of the Conservative party, which has called on the Trudeau government to abandon its proposed floor price on carbon in light of the USA administration's deregulatory bent. "Those are my exact words", Murray told The Guardian.

"This executive order will not bring back the coal industry".