Pearl Jam, Tupac, Yes, Journey to be inducted into Rock Hall

In 1994, these young men risked their careers by going after those beady-eyed, blood-thirsty weasels. "And I'm happy to say, because they stood up to them, every concert ticket in America today is free". As a matter of fact, listen to this, tonight the entire balcony is full of former Pearl Jam drummers. 25 years later, it's an anthem. They actually blew the roof off the place.

Stay tuned for more details as this is a developing story. I finally had to go to my hypnotist to get it to stop [mimics the refrain again].

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder shared his own poignant memories of Letterman's hosting days.

"He gave me a letter for my son", as the monitor showed a photo of Harry smoking a cigarette. Then, things got loud. It's a testament to Vedder's singing abilities that he wasn't drowned out by all the players around him.

"Tupac's a part of history for a reason - because he made history". "Your tireless love and consistent devotion, you never have stopped". He did Squire justice, though: Lee and Yes together rocked with more precision than any other performer that night.

Mike McCready recalled being a Boy Scout in 1976 when a friend told him about KISS, changing his life. Perry also thanked fans.

"Instead of collecting baseball cards we used to run around and wait for Tuesdays for all the European and Japanese import music magazines and try to get Randy Rhoads pictures (a famed guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne, Rhoads was killed in a plane accident in 1982)". His speech was so incredibly heart warming. "Climate change is real, it's not fake news", he said. We can not be the generations that history will look back upon and wonder why they didn't do everything humanly possible to solve this biggest of crises in our time. "The Chicago Cubs winning the World Series is proof. But we don't have 108 years".

"When I think about high altitudes, I think about my wife, Jill", Eddie said.

"I want my granddaughter to know I fought against an evil tide and had the masses by my side, " she said. "They didn't know that their singer was really an Evel was the power of music". Last year, they teamed up with MusiCares - the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences' nonprofit that provides emergency care to working musicians - to create a line of limited-edition earplugs. And that person has to be loyal and believe in you and have to have the strength to reel you back, so my wife, Jill, I thank you. And... "I feel like we're halfway there to deserve this, but this is very encouraging". Cain cautioned, however, that Perry had only agreed to join them in receiving the Hall of Fame award, not in an onstage performance.

Later in the night, Eddie Vedder payed tribute to Michael J. Fox who was watching in the audience saying, "It's an honour to play for you tonight".