Venezuela opposition march over Henrique Capriles ban

However, experts believe the government-led crackdown could galvanise protests against the leftist government and upend a presidential election next year.

Tuesday's vote was canceled after national guardsmen blocked the marcher as they attempted to cross Caracas's main avenue, using teargas, pepper spray and water cannons to disperse the crowds. In 2008, the comptroller banned Venezuela's most renowned jailed opposition figure, Leopoldo Lopez, from holding office for a decade on corruption allegations. The demonstration would be the latest in a string of violent marches that was sparked by the Supreme Court's ruling to annul the legislature.

Three opposition legislators late on Thursday said via Twitter that a young man was killed in a suburb of Caracas by security forces who were breaking up a protest there. Government supporters wearing red shirts and carrying pipes could be seen on idling motorcycles at the outskirts of the march. Amid global pressure, the decision was overturned over the weekend. Countries around the region issued stern statements and recalled their ambassadors.

Capriles is the most recognizable of the leaders behind the protest movement that has been roiling the embattled country this week.

While the high court's ruling has since been retracted, the AN has begun proceedings this week to remove Supreme Court justices.

The rulings by the court, which has consistently ruled in Maduro's favour during the crisis, drew global criticism of Maduro's camp.

Any decision Congress reaches will be purely symbolic, as it has been neutered by the ruling socialist party and does not have the power to actually replace judges. The ban is all the more reason to mobilise, Capriles told supporters in Caracas, urging them onto the streets on Saturday to protest against a president accused of leading Venezuela to dictatorship by cracking down on dissent.

"The opposition feels very strong", Kurmanaev said.

On Wednesday, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez blasted the Organization of American States for supporting right-wing violence and perpetuating the "self-coup" myth. Rodriguez said the OAS has an agenda meant to "interfere in the internal affairs of states".

Last year another prominent opposition leader, Leopoldo Lopez was sentenced to almost 14 years in prison on charges of inciting violence during anti-government protests in 2014.

One test will come when Venezuelans take next week off for Easter holidays.

The ruling said the sanction was due to "administrative irregularities" by Capriles in his post as governor of the northern state of Miranda.

"We have arrested 30 guarimberos who tried to sow chaos in the capital", El Aissami said. "This country has changed and wants to get out of the crisis".

"The human rights advocate has to stop being the Socialist Party advocate!", Capriles said in an online broadcast.

There's still this narrative that a lot of people identify with, even if they oppose Maduro there's this idea that he's the elected president and is part of a political project that has defended their interests, even if its now not doing so.

The court ruling led to a round of calls for democratic reforms from the worldwide community. The court pulled that decision back after it came under heavy criticism, but opposition leaders said the attempt to invalidate a branch of power revealed the administration's true dictatorial nature.