Few Showers Later Today…Then Cooler Weather Returns

Tonight does turn cooler with clear skies and temperatures dropping into the lower 40s. Storms in West Texas may clip western counties as a few showers Thu AM.then the leftover energy may ignite a few showers/storms (mainly FTW and west/north) afternoon-evening.

Although it may not be as wet this morning we have another storm quickly approaching and it will bring us more rain and wind today. Daytime high temperatures will continue to peak in the 80s each afternoon.

Today: Mostly sunny, warm.

"Saturday will be bright with scattered showers, and these will be frequent and at times heavy, again especially in the north". Even warmer weather is expected on Saturday as temperatures climb to the upper 70s. Highs in the 70's and 80's will make things feel more like summer to end the work week with a lot of sunshine.

The weather for the Easter weekend is looking changeable but there will still be plenty of fine and dry weather to enjoy.

South winds return today - only gusting over 20 miles per hour from time to time (so, we're not overly windy today - just a bit breezy at times). Compared to last weekend temperatures will be much lower but they'll still be around the average for the time of year.

NEXT WEEK: Highs stay in the 80s but we'll have a slightly better chance for rain Monday and Tuesday. We are not expecting any rain, but there is still a chance to see some small stray showers or thunderstorms.