Man jumps into icy pond to save dog

A news crew just happened to be setting up next to a semi-frozen St. Albert, Alta. pond when a dog fell through the ice.

The incident was filmed by a CTV Edmonton news crew who were at the lake filming a news report.

The duo managed to make it out safely, soaked to the skin and shivering. According to Jung, the emergency rescue teams were dispatched at least three times last week to save people who slipped on the ice. After a few seconds, the man emerged from the cold water and helped his dog get out of the water.

He then trudged through the shallow water and the man and his dog made it to shore.

Duncan Mclver rescued his French bull dog, Cosmo after he fell into an icy river and was struggling to keep his head above the freezing water.

"It's a split-second thing", McIver said moments after emerging from the pond.

"You're not going to let him just die, right?" he said. The best advice would be to stay away from areas of thin ice.