Nike's Celebrating Equality on Jackie Robinson Day

Robinson opened the door for other African Americans to play Major League Baseball and was a key civil rights advocate off the diamond.

For all April 15 games, players on every team will honor Robinson by wearing his iconic No. 42 - a tradition now in its ninth season.

Washington Nationals' manager Dusty Baker was born on June 15, 1949, two years and two months after the day Jackie Robinson broke baseball's color barrier by becoming the first African-American to play in a Major League Baseball game on April 15, 1947. Most importantly though, I get to hit the field with an amazingly talented and diverse group of individuals, to play a game I love in front of an equally diverse crowd of fans, and all because Jackie Robinson had the courage to go first.

Although I never met Jackie, I have interviewed his wonderful wife, Rachel Robinson, who always shows her love for Jackie, baseball, and of course, America every time I see her.

Get a look at the T-shirts, packaging, and Nike's statement for Jackie Robinson Day below.

Yankees DH Matt Holliday is playing against the Cardinals this weekend for the first time since ending his eight-year run with St. Louis. "My dad was a humble person". That includes the unveiling of a brand new bronze statue, which will be permanently displayed outside Dodger Stadium.

"It's not about looking back so much as it is feeling inspired", Sharon Robinson said. It is inscribed with three Robinson quotes, none of which involve baseball but instead reference things such as respect and freedom. I was still too young to fully process Robinson's impact.

It was Campanis' stumbling interview on ABC's "Nightline" with Ted Koppel in 1987 that laid bare baseball's patronizing attitude toward blacks and forced the sport to begin taking the concept of equal opportunity more seriously.

"That's the goal, to inspire kids", he said.