Jinder Mahal No. 1 contender for WWE Championship

Tonight, WWE presents "Smackdown Live" from the KFC Yum!

Did you think Charlotte Flair would come to SmackDown Live and not be thrust into the women's title picture immediately?

We go right to the ring and out comes Charlotte Flair.

She's confident she will take the title next week from Naomi. Naomi is going to give Charlotte what she wants because she's never scared. Later in the evening, they formed a wall as if to prevent Flair from passing them, but she easily walked through and scoffed.

The two would come to blows and the arrival of Smackdown Commissioner Shane McMahon would bring with it, and interesting announcement. Shane said Charlotte has quite a pedigree, but on Smackdown, people still have to earn title shots. Charlotte then attacked Naomi and posed with the belt, but Naomi retaliated and ran Charlotte off.

Meanwhile, as the two former world champions are battling for a secondary title, six mid-card wrestlers are fighting to become the new number one contender to Randy Orton and the most prestigious title in the entire WWE. After, Mahal cut a promo, putting over his wealth, education, and ability to speak two languages. But Orton has a match with Bray Wyatt to worry about first. Wyatt appeared on the video screen and was spooky in Orton's direction.

As with the tag team situation, it's obvious WWE is looking for a way to extend the storyline without a title match until the Backlash on May 21.

Check back in next week for coverage of the match between Charlotte and Naomi. Owens obviously beat Gandy in under a minute, and Gandy blew the Pop-Up Powerbomb spot by jumping too early. Kevin Owens sat in on commentary for this match. Making contact with Corbin's face via his iconic Phenomenal Forearm outside the ring, Styles managed to quickly hop back into the ring and dodge being counted out by the ref. Baron Corbin wasn't so lucky, as the lone wolf was all alone to suffer another defeat.