Nintendo possibly planning a mini SNES for the holidays

Nintendo is set to launch another retro refresh following the success of the NES Classic Edition (Nintendo Mini). There's no reason Nintendo couldn't treat these memory lane gizmos as Disney has handled home video versions of its classic films, often putting years between rereleases.

According to Eurogamer - a publication with an excellent track record for this sort of thing - "sources close to Nintendo" confirmed that a mini SNES is planned for a Christmas launch.

Per the report, it is believed that Nintendo will stay true to the "plug and play" setup that worked so well with the NES Classic before it, meaning a pre-loaded selection of classic games. The miniature console was available for limited time and Nintendo has now discontinued. Assume you would've loved it if you actually got your hands on one? It's not clear if the mini SNES would come with an equal number of titles, or perhaps more. This report follows on from news yesterday, which discovered that the Japanese company would be discontinuing manufacture of their highly popular NES Mini. In response to a question about resurfacing the NES Classic down the road, Nintendo told TIME that it had "no plans to produce more NES Classic Edition systems for [Nintendo of America] regions". In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo's explicit about how long you'll be able to buy the mini SNES.

Alternatively, Eurogamer notes that the NES Mini being discontinued results from Nintendo's plans to follow it up with a SNES version, which makes ideal sense from a production standpoint but leaves a pretty large number of consumers out in the cold due to short supply. It came as quite a shock, because not only was the NES Classic Edition extremely popular, it was in extraordinarily short supply constantly since it was launched late a year ago.

Luckily, those who didn't score a mini NES haven't lost all luck. If anything, the SNES version is only going to be more popular if Nintendo chooses the right 30 games to ship with it. Fans will cry foul if a golf game winds up on this device but Chrono Trigger doesn't.