Nintendo Reportedly To Launch SNES Classic

Nintendo's plans to launch the SNES mini is a reason for the company's decision to cut production on the NES mini, according to Eurogamer.

As you could see with the NES Classic's game line-up, the N64 Classic wouldn't just showcase games from Nintendo's library. Either a new NES Classic with a wider selection of games, or - and this would be more exciting for me - a Classic Edition Super Nintendo. The last shipments of Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition will end this month.

It's hard to get a clear picture of console sales over time because most manufacturers don't release the number of systems they've sold. It could easily talk to a few third party companies and get their games involved as well, celebrating their part of the N64 legacy to boot. According to BGR, Nintendo has yet to confirm (or deny) these reports though it seems like a sensible explanation on why Nintendo pulled the plug on the hard-to-find Nintendo Mini NES Classic edition.

Trusted Review reports that the SNES will be pre-loaded with a bundle of the best Nintendo games like "Zelda", "Super Mario World" and "Super Metroid". NES Classic Edition was only a cool novelty item that would make a great Christmas 2016 gift.

The Japanese video game company also explained that they never did intend for the NES Classic to be a permanent product, but rather a cool novelty item, just to bring back player's childhood memories, and it was flawless for the Christmas of 2016.

The palm-sized NES console, retailing for $59.99 list price, features the classic Nintendo NES controller many geeks have grown up with. Nintendo knew this newer (and better) nostalgia-console was coming and chose to keep the space clear for the SNES later on this year. Other possible titles for the SNES may include classics like "Mega Man X" and the "Street Fighter" series.