Macron, Le Pen trade accusations in French election race

French presidential elections' front-runner centrist Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday said that he has not won the presidential race yet, rejecting accusations that he was banking on his victory, which he clinched in the first round of the polls by leading number of votes. And I think it is totally unacceptable from the civil servants at the European Union level. Politico has already reported that the Euro "jumped" when Macron's candidacy became a certainty.

He said that Ms Le Pen and her anti-immigration, anti-EU National Front party are campaigning on a platform of "closing borders, weakening popular and middle classes and our economy".

Marine Le Pen's steely resolve, helped by a cutting tongue, propelled her political career, but it was her masterful use of a soft touch that has brought her one step away from the French presidency.

It would be hard for Europe to cope with a potential "Frexit" alongside the existing Brexit negotiations, she said.

Le Pen senior went on to suffer a stinging defeat when mainstream parties closed ranks to keep him out.

Sylvain Crepon, an FN specialist at Tours university, says Le Pen can not bridge the gap with Macron this time, but pressing those themes is vital for the party's future and its role in the reorganising of a political landscape shaken by a campaign which has seen both the major left-wing and right-wing parties tumble.

Reprising her depiction of Macron as a product of the elite, she said he had celebrated with the "arrogant caste that can do anything it wants with the country".

On June 23 in the United Kingdom, on November 8 in the United States, by late evening, it became clear that all the prognosis and poll driven indicators were dead wrong.

Le Pen seized on the flurry of endorsements for Macron from the ruling Socialists and main opposition Republicans - both of which crashed out in the first round - as proof he was the choice of a discredited old guard.

"We are the ones who will defend the most and the best the democracy".

A Harris Interactive poll showed 47 percent of Fillon's voters would back Macron while 23 percent would vote for Le Pen.

Le Pen has called on French Jews to make these "sacrifices" to curb radical Islam and has promised to be French Jewry's "shield" against Islam.

"We've forgotten that it's still Marine Le Pen who's in the second round".

To her backers in this depressed northern region, Le Pen is a hero.

The contrasting images - on-the-spot action vs. a more formulaic approach - spoke to Le Pen's political smarts.

Moscovici was one of many voices to warn that it was too early to celebrate, saying it is "frightening that she still got 7.6 million votes".

The next two weeks will be long and brutal, Macron needs to fight for every vote.

She has said during the current campaign that she would ban the wearing of kippahs in public in France in order to facilitate a ban on Muslim clothes.

PARIS/FRANKFURT French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron's campaign team confirmed on Wednesday that his party had been the target of a series of attempts to steal email credentials since January but that they had failed to compromise any campaign data. Turnout was 78 percent, down slightly from 79 percent in the first round of presidential voting in 2012.