Clinton says Comey's letter, Russian hackers cost her the election

"I take absolute personal responsibility", Clinton said of her November defeat during a sit-down with CNN's Christiane Amanpour at an event titled Women for Women in NY.

"It wasn't a flawless campaign - there's no such thing - but I was on the way to winning until a combination of Jim Comey's letter on October 28 and Russian WikiLeaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me and got scared off", Clinton said.

Clinton's remarks - which echoed CIA comments branding WikiLeaks a "hostile intelligence service" abetted by the likes of Russian Federation - were the most extensive and direct about her loss since the shock result a year ago.

Clinton added that she'll also continue to call out the president in a public forum.

"There is no such thing", she said.

She also said misogyny "played a role in this election", won by Republican Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton admitted Tuesday she supported the missile strike on Syria in response to Bashar al-Assad using chemical weapons on his people. "I was the person who was on the ballot". And I think you can see I was leading in the early vote, I had a very strong - and not just our polling and data analysis - but a very strong assessment going on across the country about where I was in terms of, you know, the necessary both votes and electoral votes. When it comes to taking the job, Clinton said that "young women nearly always say to me, 'Do you think I can do it?" "Did I make mistakes?"

She reminded the enthusiastic audience packed with women that she ultimately earned three million more votes than Mr Trump. It was perhaps her at her most authentic - authenticity is a word we talk about in politics all the time and in terms of Hillary Clinton, there was somehow a deficit of that over her career.

"It's really troubling to me", she said. Mrs Clinton said she was "on the way to winning" until a combination of events in the final days.

Clinton did give credit to her hardworking staff and volunteers during the election campaign before saying that there it "wasn't a ideal campaign" because "there is no such thing". Just days later, Comey concluded the emails were mostly personal or duplicates of what the government had already examined prior to clearing Clinton of any criminal charges. Did I make mistakes? That's incontrovertible. We don't know the exact impact but just because she screwed up with her judgment and in the investigation of the e-mail server, does not mean she should have been subjected to something no citizen should be subjected to, including the leaks of interviews that were done in the process of the investigation by the FBI.That was absolutely totally appropriate.