Trailblazing Partnership to Galvanize Workplace Mental Health Efforts

The state of the UK's mental health.

"Sadly, mental health is still not embedded in an organisation's everyday thinking - it's just not considered in risk assessments".

After the first maybe three months we can see that our child is growing, very healthy and meeting all the development milestones, but we get to a point where we start to subconsciously compare our child to the many children that we see when we go out everyday - 'Why does this child look bigger than mine?', 'That baby is already holding things, but what about my child?'. But at the moment the education system is fundamentally unbalanced, with an over-emphasis on exams and too little focus on student wellbeing.

Soon afterwards, we received a heartening letter from Brian Tracey, who is a teacher there, who said that the staff found that the programme has "enabled the children to recognise that mental health is as important as physical health, and provided children with the tools to recognise how they are in terms of their mental health and strategies to enhance it".

Sometimes, of course, it is the actions of politicians that makes the situation worse, putting pressures on children that many find it hard to cope with.

GETTYTwo in five of those surveyed believe they have experienced depression in their lives

Women are more likely to suffer from mental health problems than men, according to the Mental Health Foundation's report Surviving or Thriving?

This is a service that schools value highly when it works well, as it does in some parts of the country. Where our mental health is concerned, that means making the choices we need to make to recognize and understand signs and symptoms of mental health concerns, and seeking help as soon as we need it. If you or a loved one are in need of emergency help, a crisis line volunteer can be reached at any time at 937-393-9904. "We need to create a culture in which anyone experiencing problems can ask for help in the knowledge that they will be supported". We can help in many ways. Under the Affordable Care Act, insurance plans are required to cover 10 health services deemed as essential - including mental health.

Having a small amount of mental health expertise in each school may be helpful, but it will not solve the problem.

Finally, regardless of how supportive the employer/colleagues would be in reality, the unfortunate fact is that a large number of employees are scared that owning up to a mental health issue may adversely impact their career, promotion or salary prospects, bonus or the like.

SA Mental Health Commissioner Chris Burns heard from Port Lincoln and Eyre Peninsula residents at Ravendale on Monday night. It's so important, especially when you are new mother.