Central Intelligence Agency establishes independent center focused on North Korea

The center "will work closely with the Intelligence Community and the entire US national security community".

Central Intelligence Agency has ten mission centers on regions or issues; center devoted to one country highly unusual On May 10, the Central Intelligence Agency announced the establishment of the Korea Mission Center, which is created to counter the threat posed by North Korea's nuclear weapons and missiles. The head of the Defense Intelligence Agency Vincent Stewart, warned that the North is developing miniaturized nuclear devices to mount on its ballistic missiles.

The CIA has established a Korea Mission Center, which will deal with the threat emanating from Pyongyang. Park Ji-won, Arirang News.

The last time that Han appeared to brief foreign diplomats in Pyongyang was last December, to present North Korea's response to the latest round of United Nations sanctions after the September 2016 nuclear test.

The new unit will work closely with the United States intelligence community and the entire U.S. national security community to monitor the North Korean threat.

North Korea, in response, has increased its missile tests and even hinted at a new nuclear test in the coming weeks.

But with no test forthcoming, Trump softened his hostility, even saying last week that he would be "honoured" to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-un "under the right circumstances", raising eyebrows among foreign policy observers. "The US can not attack us first..."

Han Song Ryol, the vice foreign minister, called a meeting of foreign diplomats in Pyongyang to outline the North's allegation that the CIA and South Korea's intelligence agency bribed and coerced a North Korean man into joining in the assassination plot, which the North's Ministry of State Security has suggested was thwarted last month.

It reiterated the government's determination "to hunt down and mercilessly smash every single one of the terrorist maniacs of the CIA and the South Korean" Intelligence Service.

"I think its very interesting that this happened and now we have (newly elected South Korean President Moon Jae-in) who says he want a different relationship with Pyongyang".