China says it tested new missile in northeastern sea

The Chinese weapon tested was likely a DF-26 intermediate range missile being developed to sink warships, including USA aircraft carriers, said Song Zhongping, an expert on military affairs and commentator for Hong Kong's Phoenix TV.

Military analysts said the "rare high-profile announcement of the missile tests" was a response to the deployment of the US-built Terminal High Altitude Area Defence (THAAD) anti-missile system in South Korea.

China on Tuesday said it has successfully tested a new guided missile in the Bohai Sea near the tense Korean peninsula to raise the operational capability of its armed forces and "effectively respond to threats" to national security. China has said that the installation, which Washington and Seoul defend as a bid to counter rising missile threats from North Korea, would destabilize the region and lead to increased arms race. It's unclear when exactly the test occurred, but Taiwan's Central News Agency reported it took place in the Bohai Sea, situated inside the Yellow Sea to the northeast of the mainland.

Meant to shoot down incoming North Korean missiles, Beijing has called the system a threat to its own national security. THAAD became operational last week, achieving "initial intercept capability", according to NBC News.

Despite Chinese anger at North Korea's repeated nuclear and missile tests, China remains the isolated state's most important economic and diplomatic backer, even as Beijing has signed up for tough United Nations sanctions against Pyongyang. Moon's parents were refugees from the North and his election could perhaps strain relations with the USA, with President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson each calling for a tougher line against the North and leader Kim Jong Un.

China and Russian Federation openly protested at the USA deploying the THAAD, accusing them of using it to spy on them.

At the same time, China has come under pressure from US President Donald Trump to lean on North Korea in order to rein in its nuclear ambitions.