Harry Styles looks to past icon on solo debut

Harry Styles can't escape questions about Taylor Swift.

Thanks for voting! Now you can get back to studying the nuances of Harry Styles by Harry Styles - and yes, "Two Ghosts", the only track that dates back further than the Jamaica sessions, very probably is about That Ex.

In a May 12, 2017 interview with BBC 1 Radio's The Breakfast Show with host Nick "Grimmie" Grimshaw, Styles was asked if the song was indeed about Swift, and Styles clearly wasn't prepared to answer.

Some fans were so amazed by Styles' new songs that they couldn't help but thank him for such lovely music.

Nick then cut in and jumped to the song: "So here we go, the one about Taylor Swift", before Styles screamed "Ahhh, oh no!"

Well, Tay Tay, this is what happens when you leave us without any new music for so long!

Sound off! Do you think "Two Ghosts" is about Taylor Swift?

Taking what seems like both forever and no time at all, the debut solo album from One Direction's Harry Styles has arrived.

Harry formerly found fame with boyband One Direction, who counted screaming teenage girls among their most devoted fans, and has now shared that he didn't want to dismiss this group when creating his self-titled solo record.

Styles paused and said: "I think it's pretty self explanatory", before nervously asking an on-hand colleague for help.

The same red lips allude to Taylor's famous red lip that she has worn on multiple occasions. He said: "I happened to be driving along and I heard Harry's single. I'd actually never been in there before so it was a really big day for me". Meanwhile their former bandmate Zayn Malik has also found success with his solo album Mind of Mine, released past year (16). And I love that with writing, you get to wrap it up with a song. You're celebrating the fact it was powerful and made you feel something, rather than 'this didn't work out, and that's bad.' And if you run into that person, maybe it's awkward, maybe you have to get drunk. but you shared something. The album's first song, "Sign of the Times", and the latest release "Sweet Creature" are already dominating music charts, thus signalling that his album will be a hit with fans as well.